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Flowtech® 100
Flowtech® 100
System includes: : flowtech® 100 tripod
System includes: : Set of 3 Rubber feet
System includes: : Attachment mount
OConnor flowtech® 100

Join the tripod revolution with the OConnor edition of the award winning flowtech100. The unique carbon fibre flowtech100 tripod provides cinematographers with an incredibly fast, lightweight and easy-to-setup camera support with revolutionary quick release brakes and rubber feet for speed with stability. With a 100mm bowl, the OConnor flowtech100 is able to support a payload of up to 30kg (66lb).

- Deploy and adjust your tripod in an instant:

Unique quick release brakes

- Easy to transport and exceptional torsional stiffness:

Ergonomic carbon fibre leg design

- Capture extremely low and high shots:

Versatile hinge lock mechanism

- Fast and stable setup in narrow spaces or on uneven terrain:

Unique carbon fibre mid-level sprea

- Superior performance and reliability:

Extensive endurance and environmental testing